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Imagine a month where you didn’t have to clean, stock up supplies, or do chores. What would you do?

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What does an ideal night out with your roommates look like?

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What's your go-to spot at home to unwind?

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Who's your favorite TV roommate?

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If you could skimp on paying 1 bill, what would that be?

Congratulations! You've just experienced what it's like to live in a coliving home.

Pay an all-inclusive rent that includes all utilities, WiFi, laundry, household essentials, kitchen supplies, weekly cleaning, a smart TV, and free events in the city. Your private bedroom is in a furnished shared suite and comes with a premier mattress, closet, nightstand, and even art hooks to personalize your own space.

With Common, you can skip all the hassles that come with finding housing in the city with just one single bill.

You're so close to finding your next home...